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Becoming the agents of our wellbeing

In collaboration with the women’s club “Work in the City Moscou”

January 19th, 2022

“Creative Diaspora”, Moscow

Wellbeing allows us to travel and opens up our horizons. Promoting through experience a shift in mindset towards the adoption of a new lifestyle, with Greece as a source of inspiration in this regard, Wellbeingr collaborated with the women’s club “Work in the City Moscow” to organize a live event at the multi-purpose “Creative Diaspora” facility in Moscow on Wednesday 19th January at 19.00. The theme was “Becoming the agents of our wellbeing”.
Despite the bitter cold in the city, everyone’s heart grew warmer when Isabelle Razis, co-founder of Wellbeingr and keynote speaker at the event, established common ground between the participants through targeted exercises and presented the ideal conditions – its history, nature, climate, people and so forth – which make Greece the perfect place for creating and nurturing a lifestyle of wellbeing.
Next, health professionals led workshops focusing on practical, innovative, and natural ways to manage stress and increase wellbeing.
This was followed by a surprise dance performance which was enthusiastically and joyfully received by all participants.

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