• Wellbeing,
    the source of life

    We promote a mindset shift
    towards mental, physical, 
    and social wellbeing.

    Wellbeing for all!

Why wellbeing?

International organizations and academic institutions recognize that wellbeing is an integral part of the health and progress of humankind and the societies we inhabit.
"We need a just transformation in the way we live, work, and cooperate."
United Nations Development Program  
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Wellbeingr enlightens, raises awareness, and educates society on the impact of wellbeing on our health and development as well as on the planet’s sustainability. Thanks to an innovative, holistic (360°) and anthropocentric approach which applies to all aspects of day-to-day life, Wellbeingr fosters action and initiative-taking on an individual, local, regional and national level.

Our Vision

A society - where mental health and wellbeing for all are a priority.
Greece - to develop a world-class center for wellbeing.
Wellbeingr - to provide the primary inspiration and educational source for wellbeing and prosperity.

Our Values

Confidence in human nature
Respect for the environment

Our Mission

To inform and enlighten society through the organization of wellbeing actions with methods and tools which contribute to the improvement of quality of life.


Our programs and actions aim to raise awareness, educate and mobilize individuals and communities.
We promote initiatives and organize both scientifically-documented experiential actions and events in Greece and further afield.
Our purpose is to enable the emergence of wellbeing in our lives and the required mindset shift to improve our quality of life.

It is within our reach to acquire the skills and mindset necessary for a balanced and happy life!
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What do we do?

We plan and carry out programs, research, fairs, seminars and other high-caliber actions and events that promote mental, physical, and social wellbeing and positive change.
Connect.Learn.Act Events
Conferences & Fairs
Consulting Services
Sporting Events
Debates & Seminars
Research & Studies
Wellbeing Happenings
International Collaborations

Previous Actions

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Wellbeingr is a non-profit organization (ΑΜΚΕ under Greek law)
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