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Mapping the Quality of Life in Greece


Qualitative Research

The Regional Development Institute of Panteion University and Wellbeingr jointly conducted a Qualitative Research on the topic: "Mapping the Quality of Life in Greece”.

The research focused on studying the concepts of quality of life, well-being, human progress, and happiness (wellbeing) as they are defined and experienced by the Greek public. Its objective was to identify how citizens perceive these concepts in their everyday lives, as well as examine the knowledge, practices, initiatives, and projects related to these concepts at an individual and collective level.

Furthermore, the research seeks to explore citizens' perception of their quality of life and the satisfaction arising from it, identify any gaps or unmet needs in the current way of life, and present ideas and proposals for strengthening and integrating these concepts into Greek reality and the citizen’s daily lives.

The research findings were presented by Wellbeingr's consultant, Sofia Dassyra, Sociologist-Social Researcher, at the 2nd Wellbeingr Forum, which took place on World Mental Health Day, under the theme "Empowering People | Embracing the Earth" (October 10, 2023, Zappeion Megaro, Athens, Greece). The findings of this qualitative research serve as the basis for a broader geographically quantitative research on the quality of life of Greek citizens that Wellbeingr is targeting to conduct.

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