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Lawyers’ Wellbeing Workshop


June 30, 2022

Glyfada Golf Club of Athens

Wellbeingr presented an experiential Connect.Learn.Act. workshop at the 14th National Conference of Corporate In-house Counsel «The meta period» entitled «We are lawyers but above all, we are humans» on Thursday, June 29, 2022, at the Glyfada Golf Club of Athens.

Isabelle Razis, Lawyer, Co-founder of Wellbeingr and Coach initially referred to the challenges faced by lawyers on their health. Then studies’ results from international institutions focusing on lawyers’ wellbeing were presented according to which the profession is dominated by an intense unease. Having personally experienced in the past, as a lawyer, challenges that impacted daily her wellbeing, Isabelle introduced the audience to some easy tools and tips which any legal counsel can easily introduce in his/her daily and professional life to adopt a wellbeing mindset on a personal basis. This will hopefully result in further awareness on all levels of the profession and society in general.

The participants had the chance to experience the benefits of breathing exercises and body scan and to energize physically their body with the help of music.

An open discussion followed on the benefits of the tools presented and many participants expressed their intention to adopt a daily wellbeing routine.

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