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Objective: Plastic Free Seas

A new dimension for the fight against pollution provided by the innovative technology and tools of CLAIM’s program.

April 28th, 2022

Lavrion Sailing Club

Wellbeingr within its mission to promote solutions and initiatives that contribute to wellbeing, successfully managed the presentation of the results of CLAIM’s project by the Greek Center of Maritime Research (EL.KE.THE) and the round table discussion that followed on the topic of “Objective: Plastic Free Seas”

Fifty representatives, drawn from the business community, the civil service, academic institutions, and the local community and government, took part in a lively, moderated debate and Q&A session. Thanks in large part to their participation, the objective of the seminar - to identify the challenges associated with modern innovative technologies tackling water pollution and creating a proposed strategy to address these challenges - was achieved.

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