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Wellbeingr at the 2023 NFL Athens tournament


May 10th-May 14th, 2023

OAKA Stadium

Wellbeingr participated for the second consecutive year in the «Charity Run» at the 7th No Finish Line Athens event with a team of 18. The purpose of the event was to contribute, through fundraising, to the implementation of children's programs of the non-profitable association "Together for Children" and others.

"No Finish Line” constitutes a leading and unique five-day charity event combining sports, recreation, and volunteerism. As part of the NFL Athens, a race was held at the "Kalatrava Agora" at the "OAKA" Stadium in Athens with a duration of 5 days and nights from Wednesday, May 10th at 9:30 am to Sunday, May 14th at 2:00 pm.

Wellbeingr promotes sports and physical activity as a means of self-development and self-improvement on a physical, mental, and social basis as well as a means of wellbeing enhancement. Sports activity not only develops physical and mental resilience but also social values such as volunteerism.

We warmly thank our volunteers for their constant support to all our activities. They contributed once more with the distance they covered with enthusiasm, energy, and consistency to the attainment of a societal goal, which this time consisted in fundraising for the implementation of children's programs.

Wellbeing for all!

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