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Wellbeingr at the Tripleleague Aquathlon Race


December 10, 2023

OAKA Stadium





For the 2nd consecutive year, the Wellbeingr sports team made a strong presence at the Tripleleague match by participating cohesively on Sunday, December 10, 2023, at the O.A.K.A grounds in the Aquathlon mixed race, featuring 200 meters of swimming and 600 meters of running repeated three times.

Congratulations to the organizers: a) the "IONAS" association, Department of Therapeutic Education for the Disabled, for their flawless organization and unwavering commitment to their goal of restoring and enhancing the mobility of people with disabilities, preparing them for active participation in sports events; and b) O.A.K.A, for the invaluable support and for providing the splendid venue.

A hearty commentation to our athletes and volunteers for their enthusiastic participation, positive sports mindset, and the physical and mental fortitude they once again demonstrated. Sport serves as a source of life and a tool for cultivating resilience and self-esteem. Furthermore, it transforms into a channel for social contribution and support to our fellow human beings in need.

Wellbeing for all!

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