John Yfantopoulos

John Yfantopoulos is Emeritus Professor of Health Economics at the University of Athens, and Ex. President of the Board for Public Health in Greece. Former President of the National Centre for Social Research and keynote Speaker in the European Commission. He received his Doctor of Philosophy in Health Economics from the University of York, UK. Professor Yfantopoulos has extensive teaching and research experience in Health Economics, Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and Health Inequalities in Europe and the USA. He collaborated with several Universities in Europe and USA. He has been working and advising the Statistical Office of the European Commission (Eurostat) on health inequalities, poverty and social exclusion as well as other International Organizations like, the World Health Organization, the International Labor Office, and the World Bank. He was the elected Rapporteur of the 23rd WHO Regional Office for Europe meeting and the elected Chair of the 11th European Congress of the International Society of Pharmaco-economics and Outcome Research (ISPOR). He participated in the Social Protection Committee (SPC) of the European Commission. He was a member of the Core Standing Committee for Social Science in the European Science Foundation (ESF) and he has conducted comparative research based on large European multicultural studies for poverty, health inequalities, and quality of life. He has extensive experience with the Eurostat data sources (HBS, LFS, ECHP, SILC, EHIS) as well as with the EU Research Projects like SHARE and the (European Social Survey, (ESS)). He was the scientific director of the DG-SANCO and a Member of the Expert Committee on Health Inequalities in the European Commission. In Greece he was an elected Member of the Senate of the University of Athens, Director of the Red Cross Hospital, Vice President of the National Organization for Social Care, Board Member of the National Medicines Agency (EMA-SFEE), the Organization Against Drugs (OKANA) and a Member of the Research Committee for drafting the legislation on Research. In 2005 in the evaluation of the Greek research centres from an international peer review committee, he received the highest grade (excellent 5) for his scientific work, commitment to international collaboration and research networking. Among hos recent book include: “Health Economics Theory and Policy” “The Economics of Health Reforms” (2007), “Health Economics Management and Policy” “Health Inequalities: from Mortality to Quality of Life indicators (EQ-5D)  “Tackling Social Inequalities in Health”“The EQ-5D Plenary Meeting in Athens” “Access to New Pharmaceutical Therapies” His work has been translated in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Turkish and Azeric. Currently is Principal Co-editor of the ISPOR CEE Network Newsletter and regular reviewer for a number of Health Policy and Health Economics journals.

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