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Care to People in Need


Recurring Event

WELLBEINGR ΑΜΚΕ stands by people in need. 

WELLBEINGR supports and enlivens vulnerable and fragile fellow human beings whose life circumstances or even lack of awareness have led them to neglect themselves, their bodies, their spirits, and even their feelings. It can happen to all of us. We let ourselves go and we quit in the maze of our problems instead of trying to enjoy the small moments of self-care that can bring a noticeable difference in our daily lives. 

WELLBEINGR team, with true love and dedication, gives back a smile to people in need and paves the way to creating small daily moments of wellbeing and joy which help to recover self-confidence and create conditions for a better life.

If you wish to contribute on a voluntary basis to one of our Care to People in Need actions, please contact us.

On Friday 17th November 2023, recognizing that the elderly often have difficulty maintaining a good quality of life, and because at Wellbeingr we aspire for seniors to be full of joy and wellbeing, we organized a workshop at the Athens Nursing Home in collaboration with Antigoni Louka. The workshop titled "Joy and Laughter for Health and Wellbeing," saw the participation of approximately 20 residents of the Nursing Home. We all, including tenants, health care givers, and Wellbeingr volunteers, spent two wonderful hours filled with energy, a positive mood, and laughter!

♥  At the end of July 2023, amid the challenging days of this year's heatwave in Athens, where temperatures reached 45 degrees Celsius, we were informed that the Women's Shelter and Support Center "Foivi" lacked an air conditioning system. In response, we reached out to friends and acquaintances for assistance. Their rapid and generous response enabled us to gather the necessary funds to procure two air condition units, which were promptly delivered.

"Thank you very much for your support during the heatwave. The two air condition units you provided proved indispensable in navigating the harsh weather conditions. While these units significantly refreshed us, your love and concern warmed our hearts even more.

Yours sincerely, Claire Daniilidou"

We sincerely thank our donors, Ariane L., Katerina S., Natassa S., Konstantinos D., Maria G., Sofia Z., Saki K., Cigale D., and Christina D. for their immediate response.

On Friday 16th December 2022 we went again to the Women's Shelter and Support Center "Foivi"  at Cholargos and we offered psychological support to the women hosted there.

Sofia Dassyra, Psychologist and Mindfulness Instructor, discussed with the women at the shelter issues concerning them and managed in her own way to get closer to them, offering advice and support needed.

Thank you Sofia Dassyra for your time and your full support!

On Monday 24th October 2022 we went to the Women's Shelter and Support Center "Foivi" at Cholargos and we offered self-care and beauty services together with moments of joy to the women and kids hosted there.

Valentino and Dimitris from Teo Hair Design offered beautiful haircuts and hairstyles, the Make-up Artist Elina Yiotaki (@elinayiot) provided facials and offered cosmetics, Anna Birbil Nails Dragoumi 3 (@nails_dragoumi3) gave manicures and hand care procedures, while the kindergarten teacher Chrysa Spartali spent educational and recreative time with the children of the shelter. We all gave the best of ourselves and succeeded to enhance for a few hours the mental health and wellbeing of people in need.

We are grateful to our volunteers for their time and mindset.

Smiles that enlightened the faces of the hosts will stay in our hearts!

We care after ourselves and our fellowmen - we feel good!

Athens, 26th October 2022

A big thank you to Wellbeingr for organizing this exceptional evening to inspire our hosts. 

It wasn't an evening with music but it was something more important for all of us. They came all the way here to teach the hosts how to take care of themselves - simple acts of self-care that have been forgotten throughout the harsh period of their lives they are facing. 

We were very happy to meet Valentino and Dimitris from TEO HAIR Design Kolonaki offering beautiful haircuts and hairstyles, Elina Yiotaki - Makeup Artist who provided facials, Anna Birbili from Nails Dragoumi 3 (@nails_dragoumi3) giving manicures and hand cares while the kindergarten teacher Chrysa Spartali spent educational and recreational time with the children of the shelter in a joyful and careful way.  

You showed us that within the distress we are trying to cope with there is another aspect in the lives of these women and this was a true help and enlightening support for them. Your spontaneity and manifestation of love made them feel they have true friends.

Warmest congratulations to all of you who offered this important pause. 


Kleri Daniilidou, 



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