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Opening our Hearts while walking in the Forest

January 29, 2023

Imittos Forest

Wellbeingr organized an experiential Wellbeing Happening, on Sunday 29th January 2023 from 11:00 to 13:00 hours at Imittos Forest in collaboration with Athina Tzika, yoga teacher.

The participants had the opportunity to experience unique feelings and physical sensations that help to stress relief, mood improvement, enhancement of tranquility, interior peace, and connection.

Following the walk throughout Imittos pathways which lasted approximately one hour, Athina gave us a taste of how practicing simple yoga exercises may open our hearts and reach the awareness that LOVE is the connecting link between humans and the universe. Moreover, Athina helped us understand how the connection with nature, movement, mindfulness, and breathing can become supporting tools to "open our hearts" and cultivate love and kindness. The session was closed with a love and kindness mindfulness practice guided by Isabelle Razis, co-founder of Wellbeingr. Isabelle shared Jeff Foster's poem "Let Love Go".

Tea was offered with a healthy snack.

What did the participants say about our action:

"It was awesome" - Katia

"Truly, it was an amazing experience and the positive energy remains. Thank you all" - Dora

"This morning was perfect! I enjoyed it a lot" - Agnès

"I enjoyed it very much and I am very glad to have met you! Thank you" - Debbie

"Good evening from me too. Thank you for this beautiful experience" - Mado

"Unique experience in nature" - Irène

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