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Wellbeingr at the Triple League Race of “Ionas”


November 20, 2022

OAKA Stadium

Wellbeingr participated with a volunteer team at the Triple League Race organized jointly with great success by the Therapeutic Department for the Disabled of “Ionas” association and the administration of O.A.K.A Stadium on Sunday 20th November 2022 at the OAKA Stadium in Athens.

This race stood out for a particularly important reason: the proceeds are allocated to support the "Ionas" Association, whose purpose is to restore and improve the mobility of People with Disabilities as well as to prepare these people for participation in sports events.

Wellbeingr team participated in the mixed race Aquathlon, which included 200 meters of swimming and 600 meters of running 3 times in a row.

We focused on movement to enhance our mental and physical wellbeing and not on performance. It's all about participation and not competition!

At Wellbeingr we encourage physical movement as a life-affirming activity and as a means to overall wellbeing. Through our participation in sports events with social purpose, we promote movement as a way of giving back to our fellow men.

Congratulations to our volunteers to whom we are very grateful since the race was physically quite demanding with our heart rate hitting the red zone...!

Wellbeing for all!






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